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2015 Presidential Awards

In 2015, the foundation organized the maiden edition of Life-time in a Portrait Awards for all the elected Presidents and Heads of State of Ghana since independence, two international- Statesmen, and three distinguished Ghanaian women achievers at the Banquet Hall, state House Accra.


2016 Edition of a LifteTime in a Portrait Awards

The 2016 edition focused on some distinguished Ghananian captains of the industry who have very humble beginnings yet have made it against all odds and have made tremendous contributions towards job creation and national development at the Bangquet Hall, State House Accra


Lifetime in a Portrait

The programme is in part, geared towards promoting the incredible abundance of youthful talents in the country as it highlights the amazing arts of young gifted pencil artists.This is in line with our objective of identifying the unique strenghs of leaders of diverse fields to help shape societal values and principles as the awards scheme recognizes the contributions of distinguished individuals towards service to humanity and national development.


Book Launch

The much awaited book launch from our founder and president of the Initiators Group and in a nutshell, our founder and president of the Initiators of Change Foundation in the person of Mr. Kofi Gyan